Welcome, one and all!! Come on in.

September is upon us! You know what that means: The Skeleton Key is BACK.

And guess what, everybody?? This year is the blog’s 10TH ANNIVERSARY!

*Cue angelic music*

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the past DECADE together with some deep cuts! Listed below are a few of my most popular posts from throughout the site’s history.

Remember that time this blog…

Not to brag, but I daresay I’ve covered some unique content over the years. And 2021 will be no exception!

Prepare yourself for the website equivalent of a cheap carnival fun-house ride through all of the delightfully unexpected jump-scares of your most favorite holiday!! (I think that metaphor kinda went off the rails at the end, but you get the idea.)

Thanks for reading, and welcome back!


13 responses to “X”

  1. Great articles, I especially liked the Dibbuk box one — I remember the era of haunted items being hot sellers on Ebay! And of course, your interview with Pumpkinrot is legendary. I hope he’s doing well, wherever he is.

    • Thank you, Nebulosus! 🙂 Your blog looks really neat, btw. I’ve visited House of Frankenstein up in Lake George, so I audibly squealed when I saw your article on it! Looking forward to reading more.

  2. As always thank you for the great reading!! And congratulations for a decade of this glorious blog!!!

  3. YaY! Just saw this in my inbox, that your up and running your Haunted Blog again. Just checked the link for the bleeding mushroom WOW!!! I would eat one just to see what this experience would be like, maybe add a little salt or dressing after a saute . . . and the million dollar costume that is slinky OMG! Looking forward to more scares from the Mistress of Creep!

  4. ahh, Session 9!
    Great Soundtrack as well. Always gets a play in Oct.
    Don’t get me started on clowns. When I was a youth my family had a painting
    of creepy (is there any other kind?) clowns hanging in my
    younger sisters room. Years later saw the same painting in Zak Bagans
    I was not surprised.

    Congrats on 10 years!
    Let’s get the party started!

    • Wow! That’s awesome that you grew up with a creepy clown painting that has been deemed worthy of Zak’s famous Haunted Museum! I’m impressed. Happy fall and thanks for reading!

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