Um, yeah. So…this exists:

Hydnellum peckii. It’s a mushroom.

Oh, Nature. Your beauty never ceases to inspire us! The organism above is called Hydnellum peckii, a.k.a. the “Bleeding Tooth Fungus.” Its common name is far more descriptive, don’t you think? It really hits the nail on the head.

Just like teeth! In the forest. Oozing blood.

Found mostly in the Pacific Northwest, it’s also called the “Devil’s Tooth,” and–far more flatteringly–“Strawberries and Cream.” It apparently has a sweet odor, and its surface is covered with tiny white hairs that give it a velvety texture. And it only “bleeds” in its younger state; the older version is light brown and dry.

As appetizing as it may look (ha), its bitter taste makes it inedible (though it’s not poisonous). Such a shame, because it’d make a great appetizer for a Halloween party…


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