Gather ‘Round the Marconi

Many modern-day horror podcasts pale in comparison to the old scary audio plays that used to air on the radio. Click the image below for a YouTube playlist of spooky fireside tales that likely gave our grandparents the shivers. And happy Halloween Eve to all! … Continue reading Gather ‘Round the Marconi

Open House

You're all invited to my virtual Halloween housewarming party, starting now and lasting until question mark! 😉 Welcome to my new home, with my creepy collection now fully on display. Here's the exterior, in daylight and darkness ... And here's the interior! Well, some of … Continue reading Open House


Here's what I learned last week at the Salem Witch Board Museum. This unassuming little one-and-a-half-room exhibition, hidden in the back of a souvenir shop, was surprisingly dense with information! The earliest "talking" boards originated in Victorian times (around 1850), as Spiritualism rose to fame. … Continue reading O-U-I-J-A