Paint It Black

Behold Vantablack, the blackest substance known to man. So black you "can't even see it." To look upon it is to gaze into an interminable void of PURE EVIL. This chemically derived hue, invented by scientists in Great Britain, is so pitch-dark that it eliminates all the light photons reflecting off its surface. Via the Independent: … Continue reading Paint It Black


Grab Bag

Love, Pain, and Stitches is a mother-son operation that makes divine couture Halloween purses like these. The first time I saw one was in Salem. A lady was walking with a pumpkin purse on her arm about a block away, so I ran up and accosted her, grabbing her shoulder and desperately screaming, "Where did … Continue reading Grab Bag

Who the Hell Is Christine McConnell?

Have you ever seen this horrifying 22-inch creature before?? Likely not, but you might know what it tastes like. After all, it's a sugar cookie. The genius baker behind this culinary nightmare is artist Christine McConnell. Oh, and here's how she makes a strawberry-cream cake with fresh preserves. Here's her Xenomorph cake. IT'S A CAKE, PEOPLE! … Continue reading Who the Hell Is Christine McConnell?