Grab the Popcorn

The next few months will deliver horror fans quite a fine selection of frightening flicks. Below are six particularly exciting offerings, in order of their release dates, and each accompanied by a three-word "elevator pitch" to pique your interest. In Search of Darkness (Oct. 6): 80s … Continue reading Grab the Popcorn


This Year’s Best Fall Treat?

Forget the new orange pumpkin pie Kit Kats and the grim-reaper-of-Skittles Mountain Dew. The humble pumpkin scone at Starbucks has my nomination for 2019's Best Fall Treat. "But K.O.," you protest, "Starbucks has been selling pumpkin scones for years! Probably longer than they've been slinging pumpkin-spice … Continue reading This Year’s Best Fall Treat?


Unfortunately, Christine McConnell's whimsically macabre show on Netflix, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, has inexplicably not been renewed for a second season. An outrage! However, Christine has a YouTube channel, where she will upload one new video a month featuring her incredible crafts(wo)manship. So my … Continue reading Christine


Breaking news: Target's Halloween collection has dropped!! Tonight I visited an Austin location and saw that the whole store, from the Dollar Spot to the former Back-to-School corner, has sprouted cheerful black and orange goodies. AT LAST, it begins! Photos below.