Happy Halloween!!!

BOO! It's October 31! I hope your entire day is filled with all of the unexpected thrills and magic of the season. On Halloween, life takes on a different tone. You spot a plastic skull in a window, a fake spider web tangled around a shrub, a little dish of mini Snickers on someone's desk. You … Continue reading Happy Halloween!!!


The Pumpkin That Never Rots

Please allow me to unabashedly fangirl for a moment here. I know you all can relate to what I'm about to say. I'd like to devote a few appreciative words in praise of the King of Halloween, Pumpkinrot. I wish I could remember what first led me to his blog, way back around ten years … Continue reading The Pumpkin That Never Rots

Terrifying Tunes

As in many previous years, I've created a playlist of creepy Halloween songs for your listening pleasure. Just click this YouTube link, crank up your speakers, and hit "play all." The songs were chosen for their audio, not their videos, so no need to watch anything as you listen. Though I highly recommend viewing the video … Continue reading Terrifying Tunes


Last November, the Center, a famous Hong Kong skyscraper used as a backdrop for the Dark Knight, was sold to a firm in cahoots with China's Communist Party for $5.15 billion. It was largest real-estate deal ever. The Hong Kong tourism site says the building is 80 stories high, but it's actually only 73 stories … Continue reading Quadrophobia