I don’t know about you guys, but with only ten days left, I’m currently on the hunt for my costume. And as I scramble to find all the items I need, I often find myself balking at price tags ($24.99 for tights??).

It all made me wonder just how expensive Halloween costumes can get. Well, I had no idea! Here are some of the priciest costumes from last year’s season…

The Jailbird

$999.99 for a prison jumpsuit?! At that price, I’d rather commit a crime, go to jail, and get a free one.

The Fish Out of Water

Apparently $1369.95 is how much it costs to make yourself look ridiculous. Okay then.

The Knight

It’s $9,915.00, but it obviously requires some real expertise and labor. I mean, if the person who made my costume had to complete an apprenticeship, I expect it to be pricey.

The Human Slinky

$1,000,000.00, a.k.a. 1 million dollars. It is truly terrifying, in a neon, childhood-flashback, freakishly large kind of way. My advice to whomever has the money to buy this thing: Stay away from staircases when you’re wearing it!


2 thoughts on “Sticker Shock

  1. I have a few bucks to burn on my costume this year (and I too am having a bit of a gasp when I see that tights are priced higher than a new handbag!!).

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