Full Moon Alert!

"Lose yourself. Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you. Then you will see your own light, as radiant as the full moon." -Rumi This Sunday the 13th is our one October full moon, the Harvest Moon. Witches believe that when the moon is full, … Continue reading Full Moon Alert!

Never Come Between a Woman and Her Wreath

Have you seen a wreath like this?? On the fateful night of October 6th, a wreath similar to the one above was stolen off of the basement-level exterior door of a woman's apartment in Boston's South End. Now the search is on for a thief … Continue reading Never Come Between a Woman and Her Wreath


I recently stumbled down an Internet rabbit hole of Halloween "folk art" paintings. Previously turning my nose up at the more "primitive" styles of art like these, I'm now able to appreciate their unique ability to capture the childlike wonder and dark charms of the … Continue reading Folklore


The Tarot deck is a symbolic alphabet. Many of the cards that might elicit a horrified gasp are counterintuitively positive, and some of the more benign-looking cards can actually signify great misfortune. Below I will discuss three misunderstood scary-looking Tarot cards and three you should … Continue reading Tarotology