The Big Day

October has a way of flying by. Every day of the summer feels like an excruciating eternity, then it’s finally Labor Day and suddenly time accelerates. After that, just blink and when you open your eyes … it’s Samhain.

September and October are the months I LIVE for. I wake up excited to jump out of bed simply because I know I’m decorating my spooky mantel or going to Spirit that day. Every autumn ritual, from the most mundane errand, like running out to re-up on candy, to the most exciting event, like visiting Haunted Overload, is laden with magic and meaning.

I wish I could stop the clock. And if I did: No, I wouldn’t appreciate Halloween any less. No, I wouldn’t get bored with it. I would feel fully present in the moment and grateful to be alive. As one is meant to.

Since I can’t freeze time today, I can only revel in these last few special hours, making the most of every second that ticks by. Maybe have a November 1st bonfire to ring in the new year ahead, which will eventually bring back these fleeting fall months I love. Kindling the hope that my next trip around the sun will be better than the last.

I hope you all have an incredible Halloween. Thanks for reading the Skeleton Key.



10 responses to “The Big Day”

  1. Autumns children. It’s in the blood.
    Been fun reading, as always.
    Happy Halloween to you!
    (IF this is a double reply, forgive me. WordPress
    gives me grief occasionally.)

  2. Such an excellent distillation and representation of all of my thoughts and feelings about the seemingly perpetual summer, the fast-forwarding of fall, and the ephemeral magic of the Halloween season.

    Everything from June 1st through August 31st is a torturous slog, but October is somehow gone in a blink!

    However, having like-minded folks around that are willing and able to document, curate, and represent the season so well does seem to help slow things down a bit, and definitely amplifies the experience.

    Thanks for helping celebrate the season with the sheer Octoberness of the blog!

    • Thank YOU for reading and sharing the magic season with me!!! The Halloween community is the best group of folks on Earth.

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