The Adventure Is Over

Imagine wandering around Manhattan, near Union Square, and coming upon this storefront.

You walk in and find yourself surrounded by an enormous collection of costumes, masks, fake spiders, wigs in all colors of the rainbow, plastic tombstones, life-size statues of superheros, and aisle labels like “ALIENS” and “VAMPIRES.”

Oh, and did I mention it’s April?

Such was my experience, circa 2009, the first time I came upon Halloween Adventure, a year-round costume retailer in New York that spans the length of an entire city block (from Broadway to 4th Avenue).

Well, unfortunately, 2021 marks the store’s last Halloween season. Due to the deadly combination of sky-high Manhattan rent prices and plummeting profits (especially during/post COVID), the owners will be vacating the building after 25 years.

I went there last week and captured the place in photographs for the very last time. I also bought a mask as a parting souvenir.

When I lived in New York, I often visited this store simply to have a little boost of October during the brightness of spring and the heat of summer. It’s truly a shame to think it won’t be there anymore.

Happy trails, Halloween Adventure. You will be missed.

8 responses to “The Adventure Is Over”

  1. Sorry for the loss of the place, it looks wonderful. In Worcester, Mass, we had a place called The Halloween Outlet. It was a wonderful year-round Halloween wonderland, and even moved and expanded. They had a big sidewalk sale near Halloween each year, at one point even hiring carnival or sideshow performers. But times, and online competition, took its toll. They sold off most of their building and tried going small scale, but even that went away and they closed. Much missed, a Halloween tradition lost in time.

    • Agreed! Maybe somehow they’ll reopen or relocate if they have a lucrative Halloween this year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. It’s sad to see these long loved stores closed down. We had a little shop in Vallejo, CA called “Stefani’s” that looked like something out of a Harry Potter movie. It looked a mess and the walls were stacked to the ceiling, tables, counters and display cabinets jam packed with oddities. It had been ran by a husband and wife team since before I was born. All the kids in this small town would go there looking for the special details for their Halloween costumes each year. It was a yearly tradition to start out at the fabric store buying fabric, trim and pattern and then Stefani’s to get the special parts. We’d just walk in and they’d ask what we were gonna be for Halloween and the owners would start pulling out amazing things we wouldn’t have even thought of. Hard to find items, lots of NOS from the 50’s mixed with the new. It was wonderful and closed down in the mid ’90’s. It’s 2021 and I still miss that place and would love to be able to take my kids there.

  3. As an old (and former) Long Islander, I and my like minded buds made many a trip in.
    I do hope they relocate. We don’t have enough treasures like that around anymore.
    Nice pics and thanks for them.

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