Gothic Rose Antiques

Every fall, I am overcome with a strong desire to travel all the way across the United States to California, just to visit a little store called Gothic Rose Antiques. Why? Well, as you can see on their website, their merchandise is organized into categories such as “Mortuary,” “Laboratory and Curiosities,” and “Haunting Antique Decor.” Awesome.

The store has been sought out by Hollywood for props, by witches for supplies like wormwood and black-cat fur, and by antique fanatics looking for unique items, such as a glass-eyed mannequin.

Old bronze ink stand with raven feather quill…

Giant (child-size!) cage…

Antique dental cabinet filled with teeth!

An eyeless Victorian doll made in Germany…

Yes, it’s a bit similar to NYC’s now-famous store, Obscura Antiques & Oddities, but Gothic Rose was established in 2007, three years before the premiere of the Oddities TV show.

Here’s a link to a walkthrough of Gothic Rose Antiques, made by some lucky customer. Someday I will see this place in person!

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