The Appointment

“There was a merchant in Baghdad who sent his servant to market to buy provisions. In a little while the servant came back, white and trembling, and said, ‘Master, just now when I was in the marketplace, I was jostled by a woman in the crowd, and when I turned I saw it was Death […]

How Everything Sounds When You’re Home Alone at 3 A.M.

Here’s a behind-the-screams look at the contraption that makes those terrifying ambient noises in horror films.¬†Behold the Waterphone! Here’s its official site, which (misleadingly) made the instrument seem so benign! According to its aptly named inventor, Richard Waters (R.I.P.): “The sound of the Waterphone has been compared to the haunting melodies of the Humpback Whale […]


Our month is finally here. I am typing this post from Salem, the Witch City itself. Even with the strict Massachusetts virus restrictions, this is still the best place to be on 10/1. I will post photos from my annual trip in a few days, but for now I’d like to feature an artist whose […]

Wicked Good

Quick: who’s your favorite Great British Baking Show contestant?? Well, if it’s not Helena Garcia from season 7, it should be. This self-proclaimed “Halloween lover” found a way to shoehorn spookiness into each baking challenge, bless her witchy little heart. For example, check out her creations for Biscuit Week (when everyone else was making shortbread): […]


“Theme in Yellow” by Carl Sandburg (1916) I spot the hillsWith yellow balls in autumn.I light the prairie cornfieldsOrange and tawny gold clustersAnd I am called pumpkins. On the last of OctoberWhen dusk is fallenChildren join handsAnd circle round meSinging ghost songsAnd love to the harvest moon. I am a jack-o’-lanternWith terrible teethAnd the children […]

Fall into It

Happy first day of autumn, Halloween lovers!!! Today is the equinox, which means that everyone on Earth experiences a perfect 50-50 balance of sunlight and darkness. This only happens twice a year: once in March and once in September. On each of these days, we all experience 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of […]

Black Roots

If you are interested in true crime stories and groundbreaking journalism, listen up! The Root of Evil podcast, which covers the infamous Black Dahlia murder, is not to be missed. Told from the perspective of the alleged killer’s descendants, including his own son, a retired LAPD detective who built the case against his own father, this […]

The (Hor)Roaring 20s

You think 2020 has been a scary year? Well, gaze thine eyes upon these Halloween photos taken 100 trips around the sun ago, in 1920. The costumes may have been unintentionally disturbing back then, but they’re very disturbing nonetheless. And I bet the majority of them were handmade. Ah, the jazz age … when costumes […]

Extra, Extra

Here are some Halloween headlines in the news recently: The real monster of 2020?: Karen masks made by artist Jason Adcock will retail for $180. Other timely yet occasionally tasteless costumes this year include hand sanitizer and the “Work from Homer.” Oh god no, anything but that: Peeps will not be manufacturing their orange jack-o-lantern […]