Stalking the Streets of Salem

My favorite moments from the annual Salem trip this year: Hearing "Ghostbusters" playing over the speakers at a Duane Reade. Strolling by a full-size guillotine with a sign that read "$5 per photo." Being pulled onstage with a magician who then correctly divined the name of my cat. Watching a lecture called "Depictions of Hell … Continue reading Stalking the Streets of Salem


Piss Freeze

Watch out when you go to the restroom tonight. Hanako-san might get you when you are at your most ... um, vulnerable. According to Japanese urban legend, she is supposedly most likely to appear on the thirteenth day of the month. You can summon her by knocking three times on the door of the third … Continue reading Piss Freeze

Pet Peeve

At the risk of being a wet blanket, I gotta tell y'all that there's one decorative trend that just rubs me the wrong way: Skeleton animals. You've seen what I'm talking about at Target, HomeGoods, Michaels, wherever. Plastic bones in the vague shape of critters, pets, and even insects. They've infested precious shelf space for … Continue reading Pet Peeve