Coven’s Cottage

The next time the full moon lights up the sky (this Sunday!), I will be in Salem, MA.

One of my favorite places there is the witch supply shop called the Coven’s Cottage.

They have a very strict no-photography policy, so I’ve never had the pleasure of capturing the charm of this space myself. But just imagine the witch’s lair in Burton’s Sleepy Hollow:

The Salem shop is similarly filled with twigs, strange sigils, wind chimes, bones, and dried herbs. It smells like sage and lavender. The whole place has a darkly natural and organic aesthetic rather than the “industrial goth” vibe found in many witch stores.

Everyone who works there is a practicing witch, and they can tell you the ingredients needed for any spell you can imagine.

Here are a few photos of the interior I found online via their site.

In case you aren’t planning to visit Salem anytime soon, you can shop their online store. Here’s a sampling of some of their items for sale:

Hand-burned wooden runes …

A cast-iron cauldron …

A dried Rose of Jericho plant that resurrects when placed in water …

An beautiful little herb bowl …

My description truly does not do this place justice, but I hope it has given you a general sense of this magical spot. I can’t wait to go back!


5 responses to “Coven’s Cottage”

    • I’ve never heard of it!! Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll add it to my list. In fact it might be on the way to Haunted Overload!

      • I’m so jealous. I only ever got to go during the day. With no scare actors! Jason and I went with the kids because they were too young for the night time version. One day I want to get back up there!

  1. I love these sorts of places. I am a Quebecker living in the UK, a country full of spooky places, bit I have not visited many of them. I did see the most haunted castle in the world (Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon, which looks lovely in daytime) and the most haunted pub in York (the Golden Fleece, it has great Sunday roasts).

    • Oh wow, Berry Pomeroy Castle sounds amazing. I need to add that to my list of places to visit when I go back to the UK!! You’re lucky to live over there.

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