New Acquisitions

At 16 storage boxes and counting, I have enough Halloween decorations to autumn-ify the entire state of Delaware. And yet I still couldn’t resist buying some more items this year for my collection.

Here are a few of my newest acquisitions. (For your convenience, I’ve added links to any available products in my descriptions.)

I HADTOHAVE this A-frame metal house from Target because it so closely resembles the witch’s cottage in one of my favorite horror films of recent memory, Gretel and Hansel.

This mini bottle of Skelly Tequila, given to me by my dear friend LeeAnn, is a perfect spooky addition to my bar (and it makes a killer Paloma cocktail).

As soon as I found it, I instantly knew I would keep this moon-phase candlestick holder from Joann Fabrics on display in my house year-round.

These finely crafted Ouija coasters from HomeGoods are heavy, matte porcelain tiles that offer a stable, waterproof pedestal for any drink.

I think this little trick-or-treat scene from Target is charming. In it, a mummy, a skeleton, and a witch revolve joyfully around a haunted house (sound optional, thankfully).

This five-skull candle stand with gold details from HomeGoods is a striking goth addition to my mantle.

I must say that this rotating jack-o-lantern projector from At Home is possibly my favorite new decoration. At the push of a button, it instantly transforms the entire room (and ceiling) with illuminated pumpkin grins!

Happy OCTOBER to all!


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