Update on “Overblown”

Breaking news! A decision hath been made regarding my very first inflatable purchase.

It was a very close race. According to the results of the embedded poll, and factoring in the comments people added, the votes were pretty evenly split between the Pumpkin Reaper, the Eyeball Hand, and NO inflatable, with Pumpkin Reaper in the lead.

But I discovered a tiebreaker: MOTION.

I decided to purchase the Eyeball Hand because the eye actually ROTATES FROM SIDE TO SIDE, as if looking around the yard in terrified paranoia. Truly a chilling spectacle. Observe:

(FYI, I did not make that video.) Photos to follow once I plant the freaky ornament on my front lawn!!! Thanks for your input, everybody!

4 responses to “Update on “Overblown””

  1. That’s actually pretty cool. I’m with you about the strange temptation though. My neighbor goes overboard with the inflatables, so I usually counter with under-lit skeletons and hands coming out of the ground near tombstones. It works pretty well having both houses side-by-side, but for some reason this year, I’ve really been thinking about getting an inflatable for the yard… Probably because of how ridiculously easy they are to set up versus the effort my graveyard takes. I’m glad you picked one of the creepier options! Here’s hoping they keep getting making them spookier for all of us.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like the one I got. I too am optimistic it this represents a trend of cooler, creepier inflatables in the future!!

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