So Many Questions

IKEA has designed a bizarre “Scandinavian snuggie” that I declare is this year’s best unintentional Halloween costume! Behold:

Fåltmal is perplexingly described as a “cushion/quilt that keeps you warm and comfy when traveling, relaxing in the hammock or cuddling up in the sofa.” But c’mon, IKEA, you ain’t fooling us. It’s almost October, and you clearly assume your customers want to dress up like Druids from the Future this Halloween.

This costume screams versatility, with a design that is somehow simultaneously awkward yet comfortable, frightening yet comedic. Furthermore, it transforms into a pillow for easy transport.

Same product, different shape!

Yep, those design geniuses at IKEA have done it again. What better outfit for drawing at the ol’ drafting table?

Or for contemplating the ceiling of one’s art studio?

Click the prisoner’s (er, model’s) agonized face below to obtain your very own Fåltmal robe-pillow for only $39.99.


(Thank you to my friend Nora for this wonderful find!)

2 responses to “So Many Questions”

  1. I know a few “drone” bands (like Sun O))) for example) who’d love it.
    Perhaps if it was an outdoor show and a tad chilly. Plus they could take a

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