Current and Impending Horror

Grab the popcorn! Here’s a list of this season’s freshest cinematic scares.

Malignant (currently streaming):

Though it’s not flawless, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this bonkers new James Wan flick. It very well might be my favorite work of his since Dead Silence.

Candyman (currently streaming):

I can’t recommend this political-horror work of art enough! Kudos to DaCosta and Peele for resurrecting the “first black slasher” from the 90s and using him to make a meaningful cultural statement.

Seance (currently streaming):

If you’re ever enrolled in an all-girls’ boarding school, maybe don’t attempt to contact the dead? I haven’t seen Seance yet, but because it’s by the director of the clever and effective 2011 thriller You’re Next, I’m optimistic.

Halloween Kills (in theaters 10/15):

Did you notice the three masks from Halloween 3 at the 1:30 mark? And speaking of masks, will we get a glimpse at Mike’s bare-nekkid face? “You want your mask? Come and get it!” makes me think we shall.

Last Night in Soho (in theaters 10/29):

Super-stylish psychological horror that apparently includes a time-travel element? I’m IN.

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