Controversial topic: The yard inflatable.

I used to dislike this form of outdoor decoration. Most are silly-looking, too cute, or garish, and they all tend to look like large used condoms strewn upon the grass when they’re deflated.

Nevertheless, I find myself considering buying one this year, for the first time EVER. The designs have improved so much! Since I am no longer a Manhattanite, I have a yard!

An inflatable could be an eye-catching addition to my home’s seasonal look. Or would it just be tacky??

I NEED YOUR HELP with this quandary! Below is a poll and photos of the 4 contenders. Which one do you like, or should I steer clear? Please weigh in by clicking a choice. Your vote is CRITICAL and will influence my decision!

11 responses to “Overblown?”

  1. And while I dislike airblown decorations, if you have to, I’d go with the spider. You can always hack it to make it less bright.

  2. I’m a total fan! if I had a house, I would entertain the kids by Completely overdoing it, for both Halloween and Christmas with WAY too many air blown decorations and lights. Probably would annoy the neighbors lol!

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