Grown-Up Gothic

If you’re anything like me, you’re getting ready to transform your abode into an eerie wonderland of black and orange.

This year, I find myself drawn to the more elegant and understated seasonal finery sold at stores I can’t really afford. But hey, I can still window shop! Let’s take a virtual stroll together.


Taper holder, $39.
Moon bottle, $42.
Eye pillow, $47.50.
Embroidered pillow cover, $26.


Skull decanter, $59. Set of two matching tumblers, $39.50.
Bat candy bowl, $69.50 (mysteriously no longer on the PB site).
Set of 4 placemats, $48.
Metal jack-o-lanterns, $29.50-59.


Spooky wreaths, $59.95 each.
Black and wood candle holders, $24.95-44.95.
Set of 3 witches’ brooms, $69.95.
Cauldrons, big $29.95, small $5.95.


Owl dinnerware, $39.95-79.95.
Black and gold pumpkins, $19.95-69.95.

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