10 More Days

The countdown has officially begun!

Now is the time to buy your carvin’ pumpkins, re-up on Halloween candy (c’mon, I know you’ve already eaten the first bag you bought last month), and finalize whatever costume/horror flick/gathering/ritual you’ll be celebrating with.

Illustration by Bill Crisafi.

To that end, I would like to suggest a few sonic tableaus to serve as the backdrop to your last ten days of the month.

For me, this year was all about the soundtrack! Ideal for putting on in the background while relaxing, working, having a meal–any form of living, really–without the intrusion of lyrics.

And first up is the soundtrack for the film Gretel & Hansel, a beautifully haunting marriage of sonic dread and hope created by synth harmonies.

Next is the horror soundtrack for HBO’s Watchmen, which is actually…not a horror series. But, like his score for The Social Network, Reznor’s music adds a surprisingly dark tone to a splatter-free plot.

Heartwrenching and intense, the Midsommar soundtrack is one I find myself going back to quite often. The score has a lushness to it that matches the film’s “evil in broad daylight” style perfectly.

And finally, I also recommend the OST for Color Out of Space. Like the movie’s leading star, Nicholas Cage, this soundtrack is wacky, unpredictable, and cosmic. Truly an acid trip for the ears.

Happy listening!

4 thoughts on “10 More Days

  1. Oh Gretel and Hansel DOES have an amazing soundtrack. My best friend introduced me to it and Iā€™m thankful. Great choices!

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