For many of us, video games have become a survival tool for quarantine.

If you find yourself gaming more often this year, then make sure to check out my favorite single-player (because my life is lonely) side-scroller (because first-persons make me carsick): LIMBO.

Limbo, which was created in 2010 by an independent developer in Denmark, is a gorgeous black and white game that looks like footage from an old projector. Its premise is brilliantly simple: you are a child wandering in a creepy, dark world full of silhouetted dangers, trying to avoid a grisly death.

Watch this one-minute trailer to get a better sense of this noir masterpiece.

The challenge is that you must solve various physics-based problems of engineering to manipulate your environment in order to proceed successfully. Using solely the arrow and control keys, you have to jump over traps, drag boats, swing on vines, kill giant spiders, and even step on corpses.

It is a strange journey, and one that I highly recommend you attempt.

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