Our month is finally here.

I am typing this post from Salem, the Witch City itself. Even with the strict Massachusetts virus restrictions, this is still the best place to be on 10/1.

I will post photos from my annual trip in a few days, but for now I’d like to feature an artist whose work captures the dark magic that runs underneath our orange month like a black ribbon.

His name is Micah Ulrich.

His striking illustrations have an almost evil tone to them, as if visiting his site might have given my computer a virus (yet somehow I mean that as a compliment).

I especially love the touches of red he uses to offset the black and white.

Check out all of his work (including merch, like a Tarot deck) on his site or his Instagram … if you dare.

3 thoughts on “*O*C*T*O*B*E*R*

  1. Yay! Your in Salem . . . looking forward to your pics! Followed this artist on Instagram, am inspired by your love for black n white aesthetic, think it may inspire a whole body of work for me. Happy Witching 😉

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