Happy Halloween!

I’m writing this just after midnight on Friday. Here are a few glimpses of what it’s like to be in my house tonight, on Devil’s Night. What is it about this holiday that I love? I’m asked this question every fall. I’ve realized it’s that element of the unexpected that this time of year brings. […]

Liquid Gold

I’m hooked on a spooky-delicious new cocktail this season: the Caramel Apple Mule. This divine concoction is a spin on the Moscow Mule, that ice-cold copper mug of ginger beer, vodka, and lime. Yet it far surpasses the original. Whereas the Moscow Mule is a pleasant beverage after mowing the lawn in June, the Caramel […]

The Horror Is Eightfold

Gentle readers, I present to you that the octopus is a perfect specimen of real-world, non-fiction monster. Allow me to offer a few facts that back up this assertion: The octopus is the smartest invertebrate. In other words, if you follow the evolutionary tree from its roots up until it branches into those with backbones […]

In Film News…

Though it seems as if the film industry died (of Covid) back in the spring, there are a few enticing new horror releases that will be hitting screens soon. Here are the ones I’m looking forward to most. The Wolf of Snow Hollow looks like it’ll be a lot of dark fun. The Banishing looks […]

10 More Days

The countdown has officially begun! Now is the time to buy your carvin’ pumpkins, re-up on Halloween candy (c’mon, I know you’ve already eaten the first bag you bought last month), and finalize whatever costume/horror flick/gathering/ritual you’ll be celebrating with. To that end, I would like to suggest a few sonic tableaus to serve as […]


In a refreshing contrast to election poll maps, here is a graphic that shows what each state fears the most. It uses stats based on which phobia people in each state google most often.

It’s Raining Snakes

Perhaps the most feared creature throughout the ages is the snake. And now one iteration of the limbless species is gaining notoriety for its unique ability to do something somehow even more terrifying than slinking around on its belly: flying. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the (ironically named) Paradise Tree […]


For many of us, video games have become a survival tool for quarantine. If you find yourself gaming more often this year, then make sure to check out my favorite single-player (because my life is lonely) side-scroller (because first-persons make me carsick): LIMBO. Limbo, which was created in 2010 by an independent developer in Denmark, […]

Beware the Black Jelly Beans

Sadly, a 54-year-old man in Massachusetts died recently from eating a bag and a half of black licorice every day. “The black licorice contained glycyrrhizic acid, a chemical that raises a person’s blood pressure and lowers their potassium levels, especially when consumed in large amounts,” according to the Associated Press. The man’s habit caused nutritional […]

EXCLUSIVE Haunted Overload Daytime Tour and Interview!

Prepare yourself, for you are about to experience the greatest haunted attraction in the world, lit by broad daylight. Haunted Overload is an outdoor, hand-built haunt situated in a beautiful New Hampshire forest. Back in 2014, it won ABC’s television competition The Great Halloween Fright Fight. I’ve featured it on this blog before. I visit […]