Pins and Needles

Check out this incredibly detailed, delicately dark embroidery made by self-proclaimed “web weaver” Lyla at Moonflesh. Truly jaw-dropping work. She likes to include gemstones in her creations (the spider below is paired with garnet, the scorpion with black moonstone). She even has some Tarot-inspired designs?! OK, I’m officially obsessed. The Moonflesh shop is currently sold […]

I’m Thinking of Ending Things

Dropping tonight on Netflix: a new cerebral thriller by Charlie Kaufman, writer of Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. If you’ve seen any of his films, you know that Kaufman’s bizarre screenwriting genius is unparalleled. He is one of the most original Hollywood creatives alive today. His new movie, I’m Thinking […]

Over the Moon

Yesterday we had our first of 3 full moons this Halloween season, the third of which occurs on October 31st itself. This will be the first Halloween full moon in 19 years. Last night, I emerged from a post-dinner visit to Target, Halloween trinkets in hand, to see that perfect sphere on the horizon. And it was […]

Welcome Back!

In the midst of a crisis, we need our joyful escapes even more. For me, and likely for many of you, the mere thought of Halloween is a refuge and source of endless inspiration. Our anticipation for autumn helps us get through the low points of the year. And let’s face it: this year, there […]