The (Hor)Roaring 20s

You think 2020 has been a scary year? Well, gaze thine eyes upon these Halloween photos taken 100 trips around the sun ago, in 1920.

Apparently, pointy hats were very “in” that year.

The costumes may have been unintentionally disturbing back then, but they’re very disturbing nonetheless. And I bet the majority of them were handmade.

These are all giving me Meatyard flashbacks.

Ah, the jazz age … when costumes were unique, strangely beautiful, and genuinely spooky. More here.

6 thoughts on “The (Hor)Roaring 20s

  1. WoW . . . So much creepier, back before the day where Walmart and the plastic Halloween masks with cheap polyester onesies sold as a complete get up, in a plastic bag where a thing lol!

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