Extra, Extra

Here are some Halloween headlines in the news recently:

The real monster of 2020?: Karen masks made by artist Jason Adcock will retail for $180. Other timely yet occasionally tasteless costumes this year include hand sanitizer and the “Work from Homer.”

Rage, thy name is Karen.

Oh god no, anything but that: Peeps will not be manufacturing their orange jack-o-lantern sugary gelatin sponges this year because they shut down their factories for the pandemic. Or perhaps because Peeps suck.

Listen carefully and you can hear the chorus of “So what?”s.

Crazy ol’ Cage is back: Here is a list of 2020’s best horror films, according to their Rotten Tomatoes rankings. The modern take on a Lovecraft story, Color Out of Space, which stars that bizarre celebrity who has already built himself a pyramid mausoleum to reside in postmortem, is #13.

Japanese ingenuity: Tokyo is debuting the world’s first drive-through haunted attraction. During it, guests enter a haunted garage to experience ghosts and zombies “attacking” their vehicle. Afterward, and quite considerately, the car wiped is down to remove all the fake blood on the windows.

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