Month: September 2019

  • Sunday Funnies : )

  • C’Mon, People

    The updated rankings for America’s Favorite Halloween Candy were just released. The list is based on over a decade’s worth of research on fall candy retail sales. And the winner is… … …   …Skittles? Really? Last time I checked, Skittles don’t even contain chocolate. From MSN: “That’s right—between 12 years of sales data from (a company […]

  • La Bougie Noire

    As you likely know, Monday was the first official day of the fall season, even though we’ve all been celebrating autumn for at least a month already. So welcome to our squares of the calendar, everyone! One thing y’all might recall about me is that I’m obsessed with fragrances. Well, you surely won’t be surprised […]

  • Radial Symmetry

    “It looked like a barrel suspended at the intersection of seven limbs. It was radially symmetric, and any of its limbs could serve as an arm or leg. The one in front of me was walking around on four legs, three non-adjacent arms curled up at its sides. Gary called them ‘heptapods.’ I’d been shown […]

  • The Silence of the Yams

    For those of you who (like me) are enchanted with the Great British Baking Show, you’ll salivate at the news that a new season of the similar-but-spooky TV treat, the Halloween Baking Championship, is about to drop on the Food Network. It is hosted by former Talk Soup comedian John Henson and premieres this Monday (9/23). From the […]

  • The Illusion of Color

    Last night, while driving through my neighborhood, I saw my first Halloween decoration: little dots of purple, orange, and green lights on a lone string, casting blooms of color on an otherwise dark porch. Man, I sure do love those Halloween colors. Too bad none of them are in the image above. That’s correct: The […]

  • Kiln Me Softly

    I want these gorgeous pottery items the way Patrick Swayze wanted Demi in the pottery-wheel scene in Ghost. Alas, they’re a bit pricey, but one can almost justify a splurge for a one-of-a-kind handmade piece. Artifact Pottery Ohio has a nice little crop of ceramic pumpkin luminaries and an array of dishware. Scrimshaw Pottery showcases astoundingly […]

  • Grab the Popcorn

    The next few months will deliver horror fans quite a fine selection of frightening flicks. Below are six particularly exciting offerings, in order of their release dates, and each accompanied by a three-word “elevator pitch” to pique your interest. In Search of Darkness (Oct. 6): 80s greats documentary. The Lighthouse (Oct. 18): Arthouse maritime terror. Doctor […]

  • This Year’s Best Fall Treat?

    Forget the new orange pumpkin pie Kit Kats and the grim-reaper-of-Skittles Mountain Dew. The humble pumpkin scone at Starbucks has my nomination for 2019’s Best Fall Treat. “But K.O.,” you protest, “Starbucks has been selling pumpkin scones for years! Probably longer than they’ve been slinging pumpkin-spice lattes. That’s old news.” Friends, all I can say is […]

  • Christine

    Unfortunately, Christine McConnell’s whimsically macabre show on Netflix, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, has inexplicably not been renewed for a second season. An outrage! However, Christine has a YouTube channel, where she will upload one new video a month featuring her incredible crafts(wo)manship. So my Girl Crush remains intact. :] Here is the latest installment, […]