It Was Lit

Woodlawn Cemetery is a beautifully landscaped, 150-year-old burial ground just north of Manhattan famous for its 1,300+ mausoleums. Herman Melville, Duke Ellington, Joseph Pulitzer, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are all at rest there.

The walk-in mausoleums are huge–each one larger than a Chipotle, to give you a frame of reference–and adorned with architectural details and Tiffany stained glass.

The best part about this cemetery, in my opinion, is its annual fall tradition called the “Illuminated Mausoleum Tour,” during which people can enter the grounds to wander among the eerie structures bathed in colorful lights. Here are my pictures of this year’s event.












8 thoughts on “It Was Lit

  1. Lovin this post KO . . . nice captures . . . being a bit captivated by death myself, am appreciating this documentation . . . This is truly Rainbow death, which is def something to aspire for lol ! The one lit up in red, intense !

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