Happy Halloween!!!

Well, everybody, Halloween is finally here! It’s always a bit sad to reach October 31, since it’s the final 24 hours of the season. But it’s also the Grand Finale! And I hope you all enjoy every second of the very best day of the year.

I’m in Ireland — birthplace of Samhain — as I write this, and I’m pleased to report that Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday here.

Here’s an Irish photographer I discovered yesterday in Dublin, Neil Armstrong Jude. His beautiful work captures the experience of being in this vibrant city.

Though my iPhone photos can’t possibly compare, you can view them on the Skeleton Key’s Tumblr page.

Yesterday I attended the Bram Stoker Festival Horror Expo, a conference that covered a variety of spooky topics and included a talk by David J. Skal, author of one of my favorite nonfiction books about Halloween, Death Makes a Holiday.

Here are some interesting things I learned:

-Goths don’t only wear black. Behold the “pastel goth” and the “guro Lolita,” Japanese fashion styles incorporating light shades and gory bloodstains.

-Bela Lugosi was buried in full Dracula costume and makeup (now that’s dedication!).

-It’s too late to buy a mask for tonight, but you can still marvel at the horrifying craftsmanship of Immortal Masks.

-Here’s a nifty list of defining horror films for each year since Psycho (1960).

And finally, even if, like me, you’re not in New York City right now, you can still enjoy this NYT gallery of revelers in their costumes.

Wishing you all a VERY happy October 31st!!

6 responses to “Happy Halloween!!!”

  1. Thanks for all the Halloween fun! And thanks for the shout out to all of us from the birthplace of Halloween! Hope you have a great one – or had, not sure of the time difference. Anywho – 🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃

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