Month: September 2017

  • Court of aPEELs

    As if K-Mart’s luck ain’t bad enough. Now (what’s left of) the corporation is being sued by a New Jersey costume manufacturer called Rasta Imposta (which should perhaps win by virtue of the sheer genius of its name alone). Recently, after 9 years of a presumably blissful partnership, K-Mart abruptly stopped buying banana costumes from […]

  • The Resemblance Is Uncanny

    Call me a coldhearted animal-hater, but monkeys and apes have always creeped me out. They just look and act so human-like that I find them eerie. And recently I found out why they have this effect on me. It’s the same reason that many masks, dolls, wax sculptures, and even clowns make our skin crawl. […]

  • Convince Yourself the Lion Is Not in the Room

    Alana: Normally I wouldn’t even broach this, but what do you think one of Will’s strongest drives is? Jack: Fear. Alana: Mm-hmm. Jack: Will Graham deals with huge amounts of fear. It comes with his imagination. Alana: It’s the price of imagination. –From Hannibal, S. 1 Ep. 1

  • It’s FALL!

    Happy FALL, y’all!!! Today is officially the first day of autumn. Can you believe it’s already here? I’ve put together a little list of Halloween tidbits to get you revved up for the amber-leaved days ahead of us. Consider it the textual equivalent of a bag of mini candy bars. Click each image below to […]

  • Riddle Me This

    Lately I’ve been into reading and writing riddles. Yes, I said riddles. (Don’t act so surprised; you already know I’m a “word nerd”!) While researching riddles on Reddit, to my surprise and delight, I found some that relate to Halloween. Below are my favorites. In case you’d like to try your hand at solving them, […]

  • From Graphite to Graphite

    What could be more unsettling than watching a life-sized graphite skeleton “draw itself to death”? Artist Agelio Batle created a realistic, solid-graphite human skeleton that makes pencil-like sketches on a vibrating table covered in white paper. “These large drawings, each unique, will be continuously generated throughout the life of the skeleton, until it erodes away completely,” […]

  • The Unquestioned Lord and Master of the World

    Stop whatever you’re doing, get your headphones, and watch this video, NOW. Believe it. You have just seen an entire band of Ned Flanders(es) performing a metal song inspired by a storyline from the Simpsons. The group goes by the name of Okilly Dokilly, and although they might be kind of a gimmick, they’re pretty damn good. […]

  • When a Coulrophobe Voluntarily Watches IT

    TODAY THE SKELETON KEY IS VERY PLEASED TO PRESENT AN ARTICLE WRITTEN BY GUEST BLOGGER AND FELLOW HALLOWEEN-LOVER RUBY. ENJOY!!  -K.O. The day I watched the new remake of Stephen King’s IT, I saw a kid inexplicably dressed in a full-on clown costume on a scooter scooting around in my neighborhood. When looking for parking at […]

  • Unspecified Gourd Bread

    It’s time to reveal the naked truth lurking behind the mask of … pumpkin puree. It turns out that canned pumpkin is not actually made of pumpkin at all! It’s a mix of various other winter squashes. Even if it says “100% Pure Pumpkin” on the label (and I’m glaring at you, Libby). What is […]

  • Williams-Sonoma Makes Me Feel Inadequate

    Looking through the W-S catalog is a painful experience. Don’t get me wrong; they have great stuff! But their prices make most of their items unattainable, sending me careening down a dark spiral of jealousy, self-criticism, and worthlessness. 😀 Therefore, methinks a gentle ribbing is in order. N.B. Prices don’t include shipping. OK, OK; in […]