Oh my gosh, y’all!!


It’s already October 31st!


First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

I still can't get enough of this guy.
I still can’t get enough of this guy.

Second of all, may I just remark that this Halloween Season went by way too fast? I didn’t even get to post everything I’d planned.

Well, don’t worry. The Skeleton Key will be back next September.

Whether you’ll spend your time today dressing up like your favorite monster or carving large orange squashes, here are a few things to set the mood.

  • Channel Zero might be Syfy’s more-sinister answer to Stranger Things. Right now the first three episodes are free to watch at the channel’s site. Looks promising. And toothy.


  • Bitmoji has costumes now. Create your own avatar and dress him/her up for the day!
  • In the “real-life horrors” category, did you know that the world’s first human head transplant is scheduled for next year? Believe it.


  • It’s heeeeere!! Pumpkinrot’s latest creation might be his best work ever. Just check out his breathtaking 2016 haunt, entitled “Night of the Strawman.”screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-1-21-26-pm
  • For a little regional variation from all across this scary nation, here is a list of the popular urban legends from sea to shining sea, by state.
  • There’s a creepy little Halloween game hidden in the Google logo today. It’s about as addictive as a bag of mini Twix.


  • And how much candy would it take to literally O.D. on the stuff? About 1,527 pieces of candy corn, or 155 fun-size Snickers, according to the L.A. Times

I hope everyone reading this has a freakishly fantastic day today, and a spooky-fun evening tonight. Now get off the Internet and go enjoy your Halloween.



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