What could be spookier than haunting doom-metal-style covers of popular hits of the 80s, as performed by …


The Chipmunks?!?!

Believe it. Not only will these versions give you nightmares, but they were created by simply slowing down the Chipmunks songs to normal speed. (Yes, that means that the pure sonic evil you’re about to hear is how the songs were originally recorded!)

Click each track below to hear the song. But heed my advice: Don’t listen to them alone!





For more slowed-down Chipmunks tracks, see Chipmunkson16speed’s Soundcloud site.


2 thoughts on “Freak Rock

  1. Wow! My husband and I had a good time listening to all over these over on their Soundcloud site. He said they sound like angry metal bands.
    Walk Like an Egyptian has to be my favorite, tho.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed them! And I totally agree that “Walk Like an Egyptian” is just amazing. It has that ominous bell tone that really sounds like it belongs in a sarcophagus!

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