Here are my favorites from Dinosaur Dracula‘s incredible, vast library of 80s Halloween commercials (and I watched ’em ALL).

  • Someone build me a time machine, because I NEED TO GO TO RALEY’S!
  • Everybody loves the “Ghostbusters” song … it’s no wonder Coke commandeered it to push their soda. Watch for the totally unwarranted Bill Cosby cameo at the end.
  • Warning: If you don’t wear deodorant, you will smell like a corpse.
  • Little Red Riding Hood, re-imagined as a Fonda-esque workout babe … on rollerskates. I like how the wolf rejects diet soda, but LOVES that sugar-free Dr. Pepper!

If you like these, there are dozens more at Dinosaur Dracula’s YouTube channel.


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