Got some extra cash burning a hole in your trick-or-treat bag?

Here are a few of the pricier auction items that appear if you search “Halloween” on Ebay. Some might be worth playing the lottery for. Others, not so much.

-How about some zombie-head lawn stakes ($3000; free shipping)? There are three heads total … that’s $1000 per head.

But they’re made by Wal-Mart, which is truly the Tiffany’s of discount stores.


-This Michael Myers Halloween II mask ($3500; $10 shipping) is pretty great, though. It’s one of only 28 copies, signed by the artist, and numbered on the inside.

-The inflatable slide-plus-jumping castle ($9,599; free shipping) might almost be worth its sky-high price tag, because it looks pretty cool. (However, I’m not sure what it is. Maybe a haunted farmstead? A menacing tornado?)

Buyers should make sure to heed the instructions [sic]: “Avoid children play with older children at the same time to avoid collisions.”


-Why buy a cheap costume in a plastic bag when you can wear an authentic Last Samurai suit? At $9999.99 ($199.99 shipping, ouch), it comes with a certificate of authenticity. Sure, the film got mixed reviews, but the armor gets two thumbs up.

-Get there in style with your own pumpkin carriage ($3500; free[!] shipping). I really like the idea of these, though perhaps not the rather lumpy execution. And I’m guessing they’re probably not air conditioned.



-For something a little more road-legal, this Cadillac Hearse Limo is a killer choice ($24,000; pickup only). Not pictured: The listing description notes that the car includes “under-carriage red neon lighting.”

-Or, for the price of 3 hearses, you can buy yourself this extremely rare “haunted miracle,” truly the coup de grâce:

The E.T. tortilla ($99,000; free shipping) is described thusly: “You are bidding on a naturally occurring E.T. image on a cooked, organic flour tortilla.  The tortillas were purchased raw at Costco, and my daughter cooked up a batch for dinner in a frying pan. We were amazed to see this strange image of little E.T. smiling with his finger under his chin.”

Wow, spitting image. Hard to believe it was naturally occurring. (By the way, 47 Ebay users are “watching” this item. Just thought you should know.)



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