It’s Baaaaaaack…


The Halloween 2016 Season is finally upon us!! You all know what that means: Time to resurrect this blog from the crypt.


And there are so many treats in store for all of you Skeleton Key readers this year, in addition to the musings on Halloween-related art, candy, and costumes you’ve come to expect from this blog.

Thrilling articles will be featured!

  • An interview with an author of the weird!
  • A “listening party” featuring some spooky old-school soundtracks!
  • A walkthrough of a major haunted house in New York City!

Questions will be answered!

  • When and where did Halloween originate, anyway?
  • Who has the loudest scream in the world?
  • What is the deal with Willow’s outfits on Buffy??

You will be probed!

  • A quiz will test your knowledge of horror-movie details!
  • A survey will allow you to identify and vote for your favorite Halloween decorating style!

Not to mention some unexpected surprises … because, much like a reanimated corpse, this blog always takes on a life of its own once September 1st rolls around.


So if you liked reading about scary clowns, amazing talent, and creepy art, then stick around for similar posts, and so much more! Check back every other day from now through November for fresh meat.

There’s no stopping it now. The Skeleton Key is back to haunt you once again!


Images via Giphy.

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