Photo by Hidden Moves.
Photo by Hidden Moves.

Here is a killer list of frightening podcasts recommended to me by our favorite guest blogger, librarian, and mistress of the morbid Ruby. Guaranteed to make your ears bleed!

  • Lore is a podcast about “the frightening history behind common folklore,” like the Jersey Devil (episode 9) and the infamous Chicago serial killer of 1895 H. H. Holmes (episode 8).
  • The Black Tapes podcast is like a fictional version of Serial. It includes stories about such topics as a ghost with an upside-down face, Slender Man, and a noise that drives those who hear it insane (and yes, they include a clip of that sound). It’s so realistic that, as you listen, you have to keep reminding yourself “This is only fictional…”
  • If you like the Black Tapes, you’ll also enjoy Tanis, a series created by the same folks and following the same format. It focuses on a mysterious “ancient myth” rooted in the occult.
  • Welcome to Night Vale is structured in newscast format, creating a creepy desert town plagued by supernatural events like “mysterious lights in the night sky and dark hooded figures with unknowable powers.”
  • Mysterious Universe is an Australian podcast that explores supernatural phenomena in an open-minded but scientific way.

And many otherwise benign podcasts have Halloween specials, like these:

  • The Bowery Boys podcast discusses the history of New York City. This year’s Halloween episode offers fact-based ghost stories, such as the true history behind the beheaded specter often spotted on the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • NPR’s Snap Judgment, which is like a slightly edgier, cooler This American Life, offers a Halloween episode that includes perhaps the scariest story I’ve ever heard (two words: dead clown).

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