So I went to a New Jersey Target today, and they were fully stocked with the usual trick-or-treaters’ candy, as well as many seasonal offerings I personally hadn’t seen before. Check these out, and let me know if you’ve tried any of them!

Some look quite intriguing. All require further investigation. By my taste buds.

Pumpkin Spice Oreo. (Not pictured but also available: Candy Corn Oreo.)


Candy Corn Hershey’s bar. (Note: no chocolate was involved in the making of this bar.)


These, I bought. Two Twix bars inside, but they’re shaped like ghosts. Something about the new shape made them more chocolatey, and thus even tastier, than normal Twix. Highly recommend!


Caramel Apple Peeps, which just might inspire me to lift my personal ban on Peeps…maybe.


Tic Tac’s mysteriously named “Bewitching Blend.” Which is actually just a mix of orange and apple flavored…um, sugar pellets.


Caramel Apple Twizzlers. With a twist: The caramel (filling) is on the inside!


Even Pop Rocks got into the Halloween spirit!


Hello, Pumpkin Spice Hostess Cup Cakes. Goodbye, diet.

11 thoughts on “Unique Seasonal Candies

    1. Aw, darn; that’s too bad. I hadn’t tried it yet, but now I think I’ll just save my money. Thanks for reporting back to us!

      1. Don’t knock them until you’ve tried them. Everyone’s taste is different. I’m on my second bag. And yes, I did open a cookie and put whipped topping on one. It was awesome! The filling seems much sweeter than regular Oreos though, so eat in moderation.

  1. hey, have you seen Tic Tacs in the Halloween Pkg?
    i’ve seen the green ones in Frankenstein’s Creature pkg
    & the orange ones in The Mummy Pkg…both are really really cool..<33333

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