R.I.P. Halloween ’14

Ah, November: the month after. No more aisles filled with masks or carved pumpkins on doorsteps. No more costumes to plan or haunted houses to visit. *heavy sigh*

Photo by Michael Thurber via Flickr.
Photo by MThurber via Flickr.

Well, take heart, Halloween lovers: nothing says you can’t extend October’s spookiness for another week or two. Plus there are some major candy sales going on right now. Soon we’ll all be distracted by the winter holidays. And there are plenty of year-round Halloween websites to keep our spirits up. The next thing you know, it’ll be October 2015. And the Skeleton Key will be here.

As usual, this blog is taking a hiatus until next fall. Thank you all for spending some time here this season. Can’t wait to spook you again next year!!