Horseman’s Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, NY.
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, NY.

We went to Horseman’s Hollow, the haunted attraction in Sleepy Hollow, NY, again last weekend. It included an old barn taken over by witches, a spider who eats human victims, a choir of ghosts, a corn maze, and floorboards that shift while you’re walking on them (among other creepy delights). Here are a few pictures I took.










7 thoughts on “Horseman’s Hollow

  1. I have been to Horseman’s Hollow and the Great Jack O Lantern Blaze at the Van Cortland Manor. I love both and Sleepy Hollow is a fantastic place to visit to get you inspired for Halloween. The night time graveyard tour of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery is good too!! We go every year and LOVE it!

    1. Awesome!! I agree; Sleepy Hollow is a such special place. And yes–the cemetery tour is great too. I’ve only been once but want to go again.

  2. Nice photos! Thanks for not using your flash and washing out all the lights on my work like everyone else does! hope to see you this October!

    Lighting Designer for Horseman Hollow

    1. I’m flattered you like the photos! This year I’ll bring my good camera. 😉
      Great work with the lighting btw!

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