A 7-minute compilation of Halloween news bloopers. Parts of it had me rolling. I love all these channels for getting into the spirit.

Highlights, in order of appearance:

  • The Erebus Haunted Attraction looks like a place I need to go.
  • “They do not pay me enough!”
  • Gotta love the newscaster who cracks up at the zombie interview.
  • Indeed, some kids do “want the candy” more than others.
  • The polar bear segment, with its (literal) “mic drop,” begs the question: Why exactly was he throwing a pumpkin into that pond in the first place?
  • Any news program that airs a middle-aged man wearing a pumpkin mask and black spandex dancing to “Ghostbusters” is a news program I wanna watch. 🙂

6 thoughts on “I Like Turtles

  1. LOL I don’t have time to check the video out right now but it looks HILARIOUS! Also–Sleepy Hollow last night, what did you think? There were a few LOL moments but overall, ridiculousness aside, I heart that freaking show!!! SO GLAD it’s back. My Monday nights had sucked.

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