Artist Su Blackwell murders books for a good cause: to make beautiful sculptures with the pages. Many of these eerie designs would make a great addition to a Halloween mantel display. Now if only I (1) were rich and (2) had a mantel….

Blackwell's "The Raven," 2013.
Blackwell’s “The Raven,” 2013.
"Wuthering Heights," Blackwell 2010.
“Wuthering Heights,” Blackwell 2010.
Blackwell's "The Last Unicorn," 2012.
Blackwell’s “The Last Unicorn,” 2012.


"Little Red Riding Hood," Blackwell 2010.
“Little Red Riding Hood,” Blackwell 2010.
"Pandora Opens Box," Blackwell 2009.
“Pandora Opens Box,” Blackwell 2009.
"Gormenghast Castle," Blackwell 2013.
“Gormenghast Castle,” Blackwell 2013.
"The Woodcutter's Hut," Blackwell 2008.
“The Woodcutter’s Hut,” Blackwell 2008.


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