Recurring Nightmare

I watched the documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy a few months ago, and it made me remember the first time I saw A Nightmare on Elm Street. I was probably about nine years old and spending the night at my friend’s house. My parents had a strict “no rated-R movies” policy, but […]

Ghostly Shadows

Check out the hauntingly beautiful long-exposure photography of Alexey Titarenko. His work captures the “ghosts” of post-Soviet Russia perfectly. But to me these images are striking even devoid of context. Their sublime creepiness stands alone.   All photography by Alexey Titarenko. 

Scary-oke Rooms

Speaking of music, the Highball, a private-room karaoke venue in Austin, Texas, recently underwent a redesign that resulted in some seriously cool, spooky theme rooms. And the awesome decor is not just for Halloween; these rooms will be “keepin’ it creepy” year-round. Plus the Highball’s lobby pays homage to The Shining! Check out the rug, tricycle, and mural. […]

Halloween Playlist

I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but as I write this post here in New York, the sky is overcast, there’s some cool 65-degree air seeping in through the window, and I can even see some dead leaves scattered in the street outside. Tuesday the 23rd is the Autumnal Equinox (the first […]

I Like Turtles

A 7-minute compilation of Halloween news bloopers. Parts of it had me rolling. I love all these channels for getting into the spirit. Highlights, in order of appearance: The Erebus Haunted Attraction looks like a place I need to go. “They do not pay me enough!” Gotta love the newscaster who cracks up at the […]

Woodlawn Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery, in the Bronx, New York, is the final resting place for over 300,000 deceased, including Duke Ellington and Herman Melville. It was founded in 1863 and has more mausoleums than any other cemetery in the United States. And it’s about 7 miles north of my apartment. We took a walking tour there over […]

Tarot: The Death Card

Imagine that you’re getting a psychic reading done, and this card surfaces in your spread. It’s enough to make your neck hair stand on end. Behold the 13th Tarot card, Death. It depicts an armored skeleton on horseback towering over three victims and leaving a corpse in his wake*. Ironically, this card does not mean that you […]


There are some pretty hilarious, superfluous “how-to” pages online. One of the most absurd is “How to scratch your back,” which offers the sage advice to “do stretching exercises daily and grow your own nails” first, or to grab a spoon and then “extend your arm up towards the ceiling if you are inside (use […]

Victorian Trading Co.

A friend introduced me to the Victorian Trading Company catalog years ago. It offers old-fashioned style housewares and gifts that are the embodiment of the phrase “grandma chic”: lots of lace, tea sets, cameo pendants, rose motifs, etc. Best of all, in keeping with their Victorian sensibilities, the company loves Halloween! I always look forward to seeing […]