Over the weekend we visited Sleepy Hollow, NY, for two of my favorite events: Horseman’s Hollow (an outdoor haunt) and The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze (an outdoor display of carved, illuminated pumpkins).

You might recall that last year I was a little disappointed with Horseman’s Hollow’s offerings, but this year, it was totally back up to par! It included a new haunted theater stage, grisly infirmary tents, an expanded corn maze, and some elaborate spider-human mutants, among other delights. As before, everything was in the style of the 18th century, in keeping with the town’s historic roots. Such a nice touch.



Blaze was once again spectacular. It seemed like everything imaginable had been re-created there, but in pumpkin form: aliens, tombstones, cats, bats, dinosaurs, spider webs, flowers, even Cyclops and a minotaur.  Seeing that many carved pumpkins in one place is mind-boggling! You really can’t tell from my photos, but there were over 5,000 on display.







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