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I went to the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of a new horror film called Mr. Jones back in April. It’s scheduled to be released in early 2014 (via Anchor Bay). More artistic and beautiful than your average horror flick, Mr. Jones is a unique addition to the genre. It’s smart, too, with an open-endedness that inspires some interesting ideas and questions.

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The plot: A couple stays in a remote house in the woods. While they’re there, they discover that their mysterious neighbor, who builds strange organic scarecrows, is the famous but reclusive artist Mr. Jones. They decide to make a documentary on him, and they end up falling under his spell (or perhaps his curse?). Click here to watch a short clip.

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Why was I so eager to see this new film? Because my Halloween idol and friend Pumpkinrot made props for it!!! As you can tell by the plot, the film in fact relies on his amazing artistry. His scarecrows (which in the movie are Mr. Jones’s) are the creepy sculptures that intrigue the main characters; they are essential to the story. Plus, his creations looks incredible on the big screen!

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I am overjoyed that the filmmaker found the talented Pumpkinrot and gave him a taste of the success that he so rightly deserves. Here’s hoping he gets hired to make props for many more scary movies!!


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