I simply cannot rate the iPad game “The Room” highly enough. It’s intriguing, dark, and beautiful. And it has a spooky ambience that makes it perfect for us Halloween lovers.

The premise is that you, the user, are in a dimly lit chamber that looks like the attic of a creepy gothic church. In the middle of the room, on a table, is an intricately designed, mysterious box. And you have to figure out how to unlock and open it.



That’s all I should say. Telling you more–i.e., describing all the amazingly cool things that happen when you do unlock a box–would be spoiling the mystery. I don’t want to rob you of the game’s visual surprises.  I can tell you that it’s very satisfying each time you crack the code.



An extension for the app was just made available a few weeks ago. If you have an iPad, trust me…you should get this game. It’s the perfect way to spend an overcast fall afternoon.


4 thoughts on “The Room

  1. omg…these pics are beautiful & totally made me think of the Lament Configuration (evil puzzle box) in the Hellraiser movies!!…gahhhhhh..
    that box really is a beautiful configuration..

    Be careful K.O.!!…sorry, i couldn’t resist… 😀

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