Just wanted to let everybody know that Target (finally!) put out their Halloween merchandise this weekend! Here are some photos and gifs I took with my phone…

Haha; these spoooooky chips will haaaauuuunt your dreeeams…
These I want to try.


Hard to tell from this photo, but that skull was about 2 feet tall.



These pictures are just a small sampling. There was so much more cool stuff that I didn’t take pictures of because I just got too giddy, being surrounded by all that Halloween. Overall, I really like this year’s line.


2 thoughts on “Target Halloween

  1. Awwww man, Yes finally!!…i was in Target yesterday too, Unfortunately i was in a Super Rush, so i couldn’t think straight…i also snapped a few quick pics but i gotta go back & drink it ALL in..Never enough time….sigh

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