As you’ve probably noticed, Halloween candy has started appearing on the shelves of grocery stores everywhere. One new flavor of M&Ms I saw recently is “white chocolate candy corn.” Sounds promising. I will report back after I try it (and by “try it,” I mean “devour the whole bag in one sitting, feel deep remorse, and then eat broccoli for dinner as penance”).Image

I also found some “Kit Kat Dark,” which is Kit Kat but with dark, rather than milk, chocolate. HIGHLY recommend. I also like the orange-coated Kit Kat, which tastes like white chocolate. Both of these have been around for a while.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 3.15.27 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 3.15.35 PM

I haven’t seen these in a store near me yet–and I don’t like the original Peeps–but I am curious about the “chocolate mousse” flavor…

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 3.29.26 PM

And now for some seasonal offerings that definitely fall in the “Interesting, but no thanks” category…

A stomach-sized bag of red liquid syrup. Yummy.
This appetizing treat has a “juicy gummy underbelly covered with a crunchy candy shell.” (Gagging as I type that.)
If you like finding a stray hair in your food, you’ll LOVE eating a fistful of “fur”!
You’ll need a fork and knife to eat THIS gummy worm…and maybe a doggy bag too.
These “fingers” remind me of ET. 😦

Still hungry? More here and here.


11 thoughts on “Halloween Candy

  1. Muaah. We were having Twix at the production house today.

    But you remind me that I must make a post about organic fair trade Halloween candies for the peoples.

    The stuff in the convential treats is pretty nightmarish these days.

    1. Coincidentally, I was craving Twix today. Hey, great idea to feature organic fair-trade Halloween candies! After you make that post, reply with a link to it!

  2. i gotta say, NEW M+M flavors ALWAYS Lure me in & the orange-coated Kit Kit looks pretty yummy, i Don’t know how i haven’t heard of those before…yeah, those bugs are a big No..i do kinda dig (just) the pkg of the “dark moon” werewolf fur..Oh & that gummy worm is pretty Scary & Gross too.. 😦
    Can’t wait tho, to check out the M+M’s & the Kit Kit…Thanks!!.

  3. Oh yesss, i will Definitely let you know…in fact, i’ve been clipping candy (chocolate only) coupons so i can load up & $$ave at the same time.
    i’m thrifty like that.

    & Ohhhhh yes…how is poor ET ever gonna be able to phone home now!!!.
    OUCH for sure!!!.. 😦

  4. i tried the Halloween Kit Kat & it was totally Yummmmy..Not a whole lot different than the Original, But it really did have a Nice creamy taste..Dreamy.

    Now…i must put down the Kit Kats (literally :D) & try the M& M’s!!!… 🙂

  5. Tonight (1st time) i picked up 2 bags of the Hershey “pumpkin spice” Kisses.
    and they taste Exactly like pumpkin pie..i Can’t believe it..crazy but True!!.

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