Over the weekend we went on a walking tour of Green-Wood Cemetery, in Brooklyn. At over 450 acres in size, this burial ground is larger than most NYC neighborhoods. There are nearly 600,000 people interred there, including Bill “the Butcher” Poole, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Boss Tweed, and Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Opened way back in 1838, the cemetery is beautifully designed; in fact, it was being used as a public park before Central Park was even established. In the late 1800s, people from across the United States would come visit Green-Wood just to walk the grounds. In fact, it was as popular a destination as Niagara Falls!

As you can see from the photographs I took below, Green-Wood is absolutely breathtaking, especially on a fall day with Halloween right around the corner.

The hallway inside the catacombs.
A tomb within the catacombs.


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