I feel like I’m writing on this topic several years too late, since it’s something I’ve been ranting about for a while, and I’ve seen online that other people have noticed it too. I am talking about the disturbing, often hilarious trend of sexy costumes for women.

Home run! (Oh wait; that’s baseball.)

Don’t get me wrong–I myself have enjoyed the rush of dressing in flirtatious costumes: one year I was a Catholic school girl, another year a cheerleader. Notably, however, I wore my own clothes. You see, I’m certainly not judging the women who dress up provocatively. Instead, I want to lambast the marketing trend responsible for the manufacture and sale of flashy scraps of cheap plastic like this.

My advice for this plumber? Say no to “crack.”

And this.

Who’s bad?

And these.

This is supposed to be a sexy Nemo. Yep.
Sexual objectification AND racial stereotyping! It’s a 2-fer.

Indeed, a quick trip to the costume shop will reveal that the only options for women looking to buy a pre-made outfit are variations on this type of stripper-ware. And it has gotten more ludicrous over the years, with sexy costumes drifting far away from the standard Little Bo Peeps and Xenas to feminized versions of male horror movie icons. Who knew that Freddy Krueger in drag would be … a hot chick?

Sweet dreams?

I’d like to add a few suggestions of my own: Babe Lincoln (with a low-cut tux jacket, fake beard, and top hat)! The Sex-orcist (including a fetching puke-stained nightie)! Ugh.

PS As if this weren’t bad enough, a newer fad is sexy costumes for little girls. But that’s another rant.


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