After searching many nearby Party City and Spirit Halloween stores, and frustratingly not being able to find the supplies I needed for my costume, I finally remembered the one place that NEVER disappoints: Halloween Adventure (a.k.a. New York Costumes), located near Union Square. It’s open year-round, and they have everything imaginable in stock.

Despite being here in Manhattan, where establishments are usually small and cramped, this store is surprisingly HUGE! So huge that they have maps available when you walk in the door, indicating where everything is. After all, the space is an entire city blog long and has two whole floors of creepy awesomeness!

It’s seriously a mecca of costumes, props, wigs, masks, decorations, and accessories. Here are some shots I took there last night. (And if you want to see more, there are photo and video galleries on their site.)

Store front.
Window display.
Oldest clown ever?
Window display.

They even have Han Solo!

Sexy … crayon? Ok then.

If you’re ever in NYC, I highly recommend stopping by this place. There’s no other store like it!


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