There is a haunted house here in NYC that must just barely be legal. I have not been to it myself but have seen reviews online. When you read a few quotes from the reviews, you might not believe your eyes.

  • “[Q]uickly somebody pulls up my handcuffed arms and have attached them to some sort of rope.”
  • “I’m told to kneel down and now I can feel the sticky, wet grimy floor and then suddenly water is being poured over the hood.”
  • “Somebody is inserting their possibly unsanitary fingers into my mouth.”

Those quotes are from the Jaded Viewer‘s blog. Believe it or not, it gets worse; see the full walkthrough for all the lurid details.

  • “Panic froze me to the chair and what felt like a mouth lightly licked and bit my ankle.”
  • “The naked man ran around the room and came back with my left shoe and wiped a clear substance on it.”
  • “I follow her instruction and she squeezes liquid from the tampon into my open mouth.”

That set of quotes is from the Raven and Black Cat; click here for the full description.

The attraction is called Blackout NYC, and although I love haunted houses, I wouldn’t go to this one if someone paid me to! (In fact, I wouldn’t even call this a “haunted house” per se; it seems more like a deranged hazing ritual. There’s no way I could handle it.)

Attendees must sign a waiver before being admitted. Oh, and of course, each person has to go through alone. And there is a safety word to end the experience. Now that pretty much says it all…

All photos from Blackout’s promotional video.


One thought on “Is This For Reals?

  1. You know how we used to just have regular horror films and now we have ‘horror’ films that seem to be just filled with gratuitous violence. Well this sounds like the haunted house equivalent.

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