In May, I attended the National Haunters/Halloween Convention, which was held in Oaks, Pennsylvania. It was really nice to get a little taste of Halloween during springtime.

The event took place in a big convention center situated off a highway. From the parking lot, it was easy to find the entrance for the NHC because of the decorated hearse near the door and a few people wandering around in costume. Inside, there was a huge maze-like sequence of tables separated by black partitions. At each table was a vendor with their own variety of Halloween services or merchandise: custom-made masks, animatronic props, costumes, wigs, pumpkin magnets, miniature coffins, tombstone cupcakes, etc. I even stumbled upon Lesley Bannatyne signing copies of her book! There was a make-up contest happening in one part of the space, where a few models were being transformed on the spot with professional-grade make-up.

I’m glad I went, but the NHC wasn’t as amazing as the “pros-only” TransWorld convention looks. (I haven’t attended the latter because I’m not actually employed in the haunt industry.) I wish there had been more–more displays (maybe even some walk-throughs), more people in attendance, more vendors. But I still had fun.

Here are more photos I took at the event.


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